We Tell You the 6 Most Dominant Causes of Crimes in Urban Areas

As opposed to cultural factors, which play a dominant role in rural settings, the causes of crime in urban areas are slightly inclined towards psychological and economic factors, like upbringing, poverty, etc. In a broad sense, crime is defined as any unlawful act, which is punishable by law. The scientific study of crime is known as ‘criminology’. It involves studying

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Latest News – Indrani Mukerjee Sat On Sheena Bora’s Face, Said ‘Here’s Your Flat’: Driver

Indrani Mukerjee

Sheena Bora was killed in a car allegedly by Indrani, her ex-husband and her driver. Indrani was arrested in August, 2015. Three months later Peter Mukerjea was also arrested. MUMBAI: Indrani Mukerjea strangled her daughter Sheena Bora with both her hands and sat on her face, her driver revealed today during his cross-examination in a Mumbai court. Indrani Mukerjea and

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