Parsa Rezaei

Aspiring Computer Engineer

   Aspiring Computer Engineer  studying at CalPoly Pomona. I am focusing on developing my real world skills as well as creating a path for my future. Currently employed as an IT intern at Keysight Technologies, working on automations and the user experience using powershell and nexthink. Previousley employed by the IT consulting shop at Sac State's College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. I focused mainly on server maintenance and Domain Administration. I also have minimal experience in working with Assembly and am currently working on improving my Java Capabilities. I also have skills using Solid Works Altiris and KACE Endpoint management Systems as well as Multi Sim. One goal I’m working towards now is improving my Design capabilities as I wish to aid in the creation of new technologies, one such idea is working on Human Interface Devices, more specifically a Neural Link. I also dabble in photography video editing and production.